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Home Services

Firebelly Renovations Home Services provide you with preventative home maintenance. For example, cracks in the caulking and/or grout around your bath tub causes damage to the wall behind the tile and the ceiling of the floor below. This damage could have been avoided with regular maintenance and checking of the bathroom caulking and grout.

We want your home to be less of a headache for you, take up less of your free time and yet still be maintained. We would come to your home to complete monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or bi-annual service visits. We have suggested items to be addressed, but we also want you let us know what projects you have in your home that you would like to have us manage.

Routine maintenance will keep your overall costs down. Think of home maintenance as you would think of maintaining your car. Every three months or three thousand you need to change the oil in your car. This cost is minimal, especially when compared to the cost of your engine seizing up or failing. Unfortunately there are times when you have a system failure that requires a larger expenditure.

Home Services Contracts

You can purchase a Home Services contract tailored specifically for your needs. Here are the different levels of service we offer:

Bi-annual | Tri-annual | Quarterly | Monthly

Call us today, at 703-635-7722, to learn more and purchase a Home Services Contract!

Not Sure about a Home Services Contract?

We also offer handyman services on an hourly basis for customers that just need to have a few odds and ends taken care of around their home.

Have a friend or family member that needs odd jobs completed around the house? Buy them a gift certificate of 4 hours of handyman services!