Do You Find Home Projects Daunting?

I haven’t blogged in awhile, because honestly, I find the task of sitting down each week and writing an article daunting.  So this week as I break my procrastination streak and blog again for the first time since January, I am also finding my inspiration for this article.

It occurred to me that homeowners may feel daunted by home projects just as I am about blogging.  Even though you know it is important to maintain your home, you just don’t know where to begin.  So, I as I begin again with blogging, I hope to give you some pointers and ideas on how to begin with your home projects.

Most home projects fall into 1 of 2 categories, home maintenance/handyman projects and major renovations (bathroom/kitchen/basement remodels).

Home Maintenance Projects

Home maintenance projects are the little issues that most homeowners let build up because they want to do them, but they just can seem to find the time.  Ideally you deal with each little home issue, when it happens, but usually this just isn’t possible for most homeowners.  Therefore, the best recommendation I have for this is to designate a “house day” or a “house weekend”, 2 or 3 times a year.  Mark it on the calendar, make sure the whole family knows, and if necessary ask a friend to come over and help.  Then, at least a week before your “house day/weekend” make a list of all of the odd jobs that need to be done.  It may look something like this:

  1. Patch drywall and re-hang towel rack in the guest bathroom
  2. Replace cracked tile in the master bath
  3. Fix the screen door
  4. Repaint the front door
  5. Replace the front door knob
  6. Re-caulk the tub/shower in the kids bathroom

The next step is to visit your local hardware/home improvement store and purchase the supplies and tools that you are going to need to complete the projects.  You’re probably going to want to do this before the weekend begins.  You’ll probably still end up going to the store at least once on your designated house day, but it is a little less daunting on a Saturday morning when you have everything you need to begin.

Research how you’re going to complete each repair.  These days you can find a YouTube video on how to do almost anything.  Recently, I learned how to “fold” a box spring by watching a YouTube video.  You may also want to check out manufacturer’s websites when applicable.

So now you’ve done all of your homework and have everything you need for a home maintenance day.  Go for it and “Do right by your home!”

If you are still daunted, and you live in Northern Virginia, you may want to consider one of our Home Services Contracts or a Handyman Services Gift Certificate to deal with all of those daunting home maintenance tasks.

Home Renovation Projects

Major home renovations are not typically completed by the homeowner, despite all of the fervor of DIY home improvement television shows.  Why? Because it is very daunting endeavor even for those who have had a major home renovation previously.  A major home renovation usually means pulling the proper permits, which creates the need for “plans”, which are usually drawn up by an architect.

In addition to the architect, if you are renovating a kitchen, you’ll probably want to hire a kitchen designer or at the very least have a kitchen design drawn up at Home Depot or Lowe’s.

Then, once you have a plans, you need to hire the contractors.  Usually you’ll want to hire a General Contractor (GC) to oversee all of the other contractors with special skills (plumber, electrician, etc) that will be doing different parts of your renovation.  The GC will also coordinate the subcontractors for your renovation.

Hopefully, this article has helped home improvement projects to seem just a little less daunting.  So, go ahead and get started on those home projects sooner rather than later.

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