Honey-do Lists as “Love Notes”?

A friend of mine, who is quite handy, recently traveled for work and this is the note he received when he returned to an empty house:

Honey-do list

Honey-do list or love note?

My friend said, “I feel so missed… a week away on business and this is the love note I get upon my return.”

This note is the perfect example of how quickly little home maintenance tasks can pile up and if you’re not as handy as my friend, this wouldn’t be a joke with your friends about how, and I quote, “At least she has a reason to keep me around”.

This is the reason that Firebelly Renovations prioritizes home maintenance as well as the big home renovation projects, such as kitchens, baths and basements. Ideally if you properly maintain your home, then you won’t “have to” renovate your bath due to water damage. You’ll eventually want to remodel your bath because you’ve used it for 20 years and now it’s “dated”.

So if you’re a busy professional, and you’d rather find a real “love note” rather than a “honey-do” list and NOT spend the weekend after you return completing a honey-do list, then you might want to hire us or sign up for a Home Services Contract.

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